Form Application for Liquor Liability


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Name & Address of Liquor Permit/License Holder:

Date Liquor License First Obtained:

Type of License:

Type of Alcoholic Beverages Served/Sold: BeerWineLiquor

License Number:

Legal Drinking Age in Your State:

Name, Distance and Legal Drinking Age in Any State Within a 20 Mile Radius of your Establishment's Location:

State Distance Legal Age

Has the Applicant had any Warnings or Violations of State, County or City Liquor Control Laws?

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Type of Warning/Violation:

Date of Warning/Violation:

Describe Fine or Suspension:

Do you Have any of the Following?

A: Ladies Night

B: Cover Charge

C: Live Band/DJ

D: Happy Hour

E: Entertainment Machines (Bucking Bronco, Surfboard, Etc.)

F: Connected to a Laundromat

G: Pool Table(s)

H: Dance Floor

I: Sports Facilities (Volleyball, Basketball, Etc)

J: Other Entertainment Facilities

Please Describe:

Do you "Card" Purchasers of Alcoholic Beverages?

Check all of Those who do the Carding:

Host/Hostess @ Door




Annual Receipts from Sale of Alcoholic Beverages:

Annual Receipts from Sale of Food:

Hours of Operation:

Are you in close Proximity to a College?

Have your Employees Taken a Course in Alcohol Management Similar to the National Restaurant Association's "Fair Program" or "Alcohol Awareness Program"?

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